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TopOffShores Provides Outsourced Tax Preparation Services and Taxation Experts with global and federal expertise in US, UK, Australia, and other countries tax aspects

For any business, taxation aspects and services like tax planning and tax preparation are very critical. In many cases, it is a key factor to establish effective financial and business strategy and to manage and comply with the various tax regulations requirements.

When searching for quality tax preparation service, it is essential to select experts in your local tax regime aspects, who knows your business and are professional experts in the various tax rules and regulations, who can optimize your tax position and the compliance with the mandatory law.


Our Complete Range of Tax Preparation Outsourcing Services

✔ Individual Tax Preparation

✔ Corporates Tax Preparation

✔ Partnerships Tax Preparation

✔ Indirect Tax Reporting and Returns - VAT, GST, Sales Tax, Use Tax, and other indirect taxes

✔ Tax Planning and Tax Strategy

✔ International tax aspects including Transfer Pricing, Withholding Tax, and Permanent Establishments aspects

✔ Payroll tax aspects, including relocations, expatriates, employer tax position and other labor taxation aspects

✔Capital gains tax

✔ Various other taxation aspects

TopOffShores provides tax preparation outsourcing services for various countries


✔ Corporates Form 1120, Form 1120A and Form 1120S

✔ Individual Form 1040, Form 1040A and Form 1040EZ

✔ Partnerships Form 1065 and K-1

✔ State Tax Return computation and services - ax Returns for All States

✔ Sales Tax and Use Tax reporting



✔ Corporates CT600 and Business SA800

✔ Individual SA100

✔ HMRC VAT calculations and returns


✔ GST calculations and returns

✔ PAYG and ATO tax filings and returns

Other Countries

✔ Our outsourced accountants and CPAs are familiar and updates with various international tax aspects, including direct and indirect taxes, OECD regulations and transfer pricing studies, dividend taxes, withholding taxes, customs and other tax aspects

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