Back-Office Offshore Roles

TopOffShores Provides The Best Outsourced Offshored Back-Office Services To Let You Focus On Your Business Growth

We will offshore the top talented, educated, dedicated, highly motivated and creative team for you to address your business requirements and job description, tasks and missions, cutting more than 50-70% of your costs.

Our Complete Range of Back-Office Functions

✔ Personal Assistants

✔ Receptionists

✔ HR Roles

✔ IT Roles

✔ Administration and Other Roles


The Benefits of Offshoring your Back-Office with TopOffShores

At TopOffshores, we believe that using offshore resources is more than just building your team and resources at another lower-cost site. Our mission is to make your offshore team an integral unit of your business, your culture, your customer success and your growth engine. ​

We connect businesses of all sizes and in many sectors, to most professional, skilled, excellent and talented team members, to create the diversity and the successful match to support your business. ​

We are with you all the way from the early stage of getting to know your business, through the job description and role definition, the comprehensive recruitment process, the onboarding as outsourced members of your integral teams, and the daily customer account management, team supervision and collaboration, for successful performance.

We are highly aware of the business dynamics and changes, and work with you closely to set and measure the KPIs, and to make the necessary adjustments and support any required changes and additions down the road.


You will enjoy all these benefits to have your mind wholly dedicated to growing your business

✔ Cost saving of more than 50–70%

✔ Diverse, creative and experienced top talents

✔ Focus on your core business

✔ No employee-employer commitment

✔ Speed and scalability to boost your business

✔ Reduce your office and overhead costs

✔ Risk-free of setup costs

✔ Flexibility with no long-term commitment

✔ Reduced risk of single geographic location

✔ Stay safe with remote work during COVID-19

✔ End-to-end solutions including localization aspect

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